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An open Letter from our Founder

Our world is changing…

To say the past few months have been turbulent would be a severe understatement. As a people, we have had our core routines disrupted, our own value systems re-examined, and for many of us, priorities realigned. However, these heavy times have also offered up moments of reflection and happy bonding with family and close friends. For as uncertain as I may feel with the outside world, I find comfort in knowing that I will always have a team by my side and will never feel alone. We are all in this together, and every time we share a drink or a moment, we sew happiness into each other’s lives. It’s with these invisible threads that we create the strongest ties.

As the world changes, what won’t change is our passion for creating premium and inclusive spirits, pursuing products that emphasize our local experience, and new cocktail creations that bring people together and create more new threads of happiness.

At Stone Distillery, we are cautiously coming back online, while protecting the health and safety of every member of our community and look forward to serving you again.

Take care of each other and let’s greet this new world together.

- Carter Kinaschuk

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