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Distilled Stone-fruit Spirit

Stone Vodka is a modern spirit with a rich history.

Stone Spirits are crafted from Canadian produce grown from the rich agricultural lands of the Niagara peninsula. It is the peaches grown here that give Stone vodka its distinctive, subtle, earthy flavour.


From fruit to ferment, these spirits are crafted from scratch by farmers, with quality and passion every step of the way. 


We ensure that regional farmers and their families are supported fairly for their labours.


At Stone we want to contribute to a renewable future for Niagara by practicing a sustainable business model of buying local, supporting local.

Master Distiller Carter

Carter "CJ" Kinaschuk is the craftsman behind each batch, flavor and creative cocktail on offer at Stone Distillery.

Born in St. Catharines and raised on a peach farm on the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario Canada, Carter knows that a quality Stone spirit product is the ultimate way to celebrate his family's farming heritage and pay tribute to the peach product of his home.

It is from this heritage that Stone Distillery was born and has now grown to what it is today.


Awards and Recognition

Stone Distillery vodka is proud to be recognized as a quality spirit on the world stage.  As proof of our care and commitment to our craft, Stone is the recipient of several awards in our field.

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