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Stone Peach VOdka

A truly field to table product, Stone Vodka is forging a fresh new take on the classic spirit with a vodka distilled from Niagara peaches.


It is the incredible peaches grown locally in the Niagara peninsula that gives Stone Vodka it’s unique flavour as each peach is only harvested at its peak, creating a fresh smooth taste, with a hint of earthy tones on the finish lending from its old world craftsmanship in every bottle.   

Triple distilled and diamond polished to offer up a smooth mouthfeel,  Stone Vodka aims to be the benchmark of the new craft culture.   



There are over 500 peaches in every bottle of Stone




  • Locally produced

  • Crafted from Niagara peaches

  • Triple distilled

  • Carbon filtered

  • Fair trade

  • Vegetarian


Size: 750ml

40% alc./vol

Peach Fuzz Cocktail

Tired of coolers that didn’t taste real, we finally had enough and created Peach Fuzz.


Using all natural products and our award winning Stone Vodka, we created a natural fruit product without the sweetness and with a refreshing degree of carbonation.


Peach Fuzz actually tastes like real fruit because it only uses real pressed juice!


Peach, ginger and raspberry are crafted together in a combination that complements each of the unique organic flavour profiles to create a balanced, ready to drink, real fruit cocktail. 


Using only a few ingredients you are actually able to read and understand the ingredients list, and enjoy with nothing artificial.



Peach fuzz is a protective coating on the ripe fruit to defend its delicate skin against mold and rot organisms.  Peach Fuzz is also a nickname for facial stubble.  



  • Locally produced

  • Crafted from Niagara peaches

  • Produced with Stone Vodka

  • Peach, Raspberry, and Ginger flavours

  • Fair Trade 

  • Vegetarian


Size: 473ml

5% alc./vol

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