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Peachy Palmer Cocktail

The classic Arnold Palmer cocktail (also know as a John Daly) is a Stone crew fav.

As summer approaches, this drink is a patio staple around here. - Nothing rings of summertime more than lemonade and iced tea, and this simple ingredient cocktail brings them both together.


  • 1 oz Stone Vodka

  • Lemonade

  • Iced tea

In a highball (or collins style glass) build the cocktail over ice. Use equal parts lemonade and iced tea. Garnish. Enjoy outside on a nice warm day, and contemplate golf.

Tasting notes: the Peach finish in the vodka is an excellent companion to this cocktail and blends exceptionally well with the sweet and tart opposing flavours.

For those interested in cocktail history, see below for more on this famous drink named in honor after the PGA golfer Arnold Palmer.

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